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Our Forums offers an ideal opportunity for those in human identity and forensics to come together to exchange ideas about the latest technologies and achievements in HID, share experiences and connect with peers from all over the world. The 7th Investigator Forum included talks by renowned international speakers on new and emerging technologies, such as Pyrosequencing for methylation studies and NGS applications covering STRs, SNPs and mitochondrial DNA analysis, as well as interesting casework examples. Below you'll have access to all the content from the last forum, including videos, presentations, testimonials and much more.

7th QIAGEN Investigator Forum – speaker presentations

The 7th QIAGEN Investigator Forum, held at two different locations in 2018, Lisbon on March 6–8 and San Antonio on May 1–3, included talks from renowned international speakers on new and emerging technologies in HID and forensics.

Download some of the talks available from the main sessions to find out more about the latest technologies and achievements that were presented and discussed at the forums!

Catch a glimpse of our Lisbon event in this highlight video!


Enjoy watching the highlight video from the San Antonio event!


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What our speakers generally say about the event...

It was a great experience at a splendid conference. The forum provided a basis for fruitful exchange and discussion across both geographical and expertise borders.
Lisa Dierig Institute of Legal Medicine, Ulm 
The atmosphere was inspiring and the size of the meeting is perfect for networking. I was most impressed of the large SNP multiplexes targeting more than 1400 sites that could be analyzed with the new QIAGEN Gene Reader instrument in only one experiment. Awesome!
PD Dr. Burkhard Rolf Eurofins Medigenomix Forensik GmbH, Ebersberg