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Welcome to the QIAGEN Investigator Forum!

Upcoming Investigator Forum 2020

QIAGEN Investigator Forum North America will be held from Tuesday, April 28th to Thursday, April 30th in Savannah, Georgia.
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QIAGEN Investigator Forums aims to provide a perfect opportunity for forensic scientists to come together and exchange ideas about the latest technologies and achievements in HID, share experiences and connect with peers from North America. As in previous years, the Investigator Forum will start with a workshop on the first day to explore and educate in new applications, followed by the main sessions on the 2nd and 3rd day of the meeting. Throughout the program, we will share experiences using casework samples with presentations on NGS applications for mitochondrial DNA analysis, Pyrosequencing for species identification, incorporating microbiome in forensics including k-mer analysis, and more.
We encourage participants to submit poster abstracts. You will be able to present your posters during the refreshment breaks between sessions.

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